Broadcast your event

Broadcasting your event

Broadcasting your event with Ayozat will bring many benefits to your event. Ayozat can broadcast your event LIVE on TV, Twitch and  

Live video is actually a worthy investment for many types and sizes of events – including small concerts or corporate events that need to achieve a global reach. 

If your event is at capacity, live video is a great way to expand the event (and your brand) beyond the room. Live streaming might be most appealing to small events with an attendance cap, so you can maintain an intimate experience while reaching a broad audience. 


Four ways you can use live streaming to enhance your event: 

Build the hype

Everyone loves a sneak preview, and a live video is a great way to generate hype about your event in the build-up. On your event website or app, host live streaming events such as a behind the scenes look at the venue, or a Q&A session with a key speaker. Attracting comments and questions from audiences will get them engaged early. 

Increase Participation

Attendees cannot be everywhere at once at a busy event. They often have to make choices between things they would like to do or see or struggle to get from one place to another on time. By live streaming your events, your visitors can access more of the things they want to, either viewing screens around the venue or on their own smart devices. 

Extend your Reach

By their very nature, events require large groups of people to gather in a certain place at a certain time. While this will always be the case, live streaming means the reach of your event does not have to stop at the gates. If you are putting on something worth attending, why not make sure people can get involved wherever they are? 

Broadcast your Audience

People love watching live-streamed videos, but they like being on camera even more. The simplicity of live stream broadcasting means everyone can be their own TV star, and event organisers can use that to their advantage. Get out into the crowds to carry out live streamed vox pops to gain instant feedback on your event or stream special audience events. 

How Ayozat can help?

Ayozat has a full production team and event management within its core management team, with years of experience we only bring the best of the best.  

Ayozat can cover any event from Esports to MMA. Ayozats team has all the correct equipment to provide your event with professional production from start to finish with no complications. 

If you’re interested in getting Ayozat involved in your event.

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