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In the first 12 months Ayozat amassed a total of 10M unique viewers of its Live broadcasts, reaching over 40M people.

We also have secure positions on Sky and FreeSat for extended distribution of content, ensuring a strong reach to 13.5 million households in the UK and an additional 10 million households in the US and Asian markets.

Engage The Audience

Through our OTT platforms, TV channels and content, the group has an ever-expanding viewer franchise


Live Streams

Video On Demand

OTT Platforms


End-to-End Content Monetisation

We provide a scalable and dynamic ‘all-in-one’ digital video content delivery solution and play it on a variety of platforms at a fraction of the cost of traditional broadcast delivery.

Working with leading digital demand partners and brands to manage the monetization of our content and channel inventory.

Monetisation Strategy​

Video Inventory Assessment Opportunity sizing
Plan optimization
Distribution strategy

Distribution Platform

Channel content curation
Channel distribution
VOD/Live playout services
CDN and Data
Global footprint
Ad Insertion & Player tech

Monetisation (AVOD)

Video Management Platform
Programmatic Ad Serving
Server-side Ad Insertion
Centrally managed

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