Advertising Revenue

Advertising Revenue

Ayozat can help and manage all aspects of obtaining revenue from your channel, from TV advertising sales to getting your channel online with programmatical advertising.  

We can handle the interaction with your desired media sales company, or we can recommend one to you. Whilst you maintain the commercial relationship with your media sales company, many of the workflows are made simpler if we manage this for you. It is essential that the technical management is done accurately so that the reporting and measurement agencies, give the correct view of your TV Ratings, maximizing your revenue.  

Assuming we are managing the ad sales process we will receive from you your planning schedule well in advance of transmission. Within this break patterns will be sold; media sales will fill these breaks with adverts, and these will be incorporated into the final transmission schedule for broadcast.  

We have all the required interfaces, technology and systems to allow this to happen. 

If your channel playout solution is also with Ayozat, then this will be even more seamless.  

For your channel we can receive the commercial files when the advertising has been sold to fill your break patterns, Ayozat will then transfer the content to the Playout system ready for broadcast. Additionally, if you have or have sold commercial slots directly to advertisers yourselves then we can insert these into the playout stream for you to be paid directly by your advertiser.