Compression Technology


Using experience and expertise in game development & rendering, Ayozat has created a ground-breaking new compression algorithm and software to compress SD, HD, 4K and 8K playout. This allows a channel owner to cut their satellite capacity requirements by as much as 50%; thus, a saving of >£20,000 per month per HD channel or >£50,000 per month per 4K channel.
This compression executes in real time during encoding and is in live operation on Sky and Sky Sports in low latency, today. The technology has been developed by Ayozat with Encompass Digital media and the Sky Group providing satellite capacity and a private frequency for testing.

This allows channel owners to benefit from Lower costs mean more profit Upgrade your channel without upgrading your budget.
Being inside the Ayozat – Encompass Alliance allows global media connectivity for traditional, online OTT and connected TV instantly.
Lower latency, the faster the transmission the quicker your live content gets to a viewer.

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