AYOZAT can take your brands recorded and live content, and place them all over television, OTT platforms and connected TV.
“..the action of sharing something out among a number of recipients..”
Let Ayozat distribute you, your brand and your content to achieve

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More reach and people
knowing your brand

To have more sources generating that revenue
To get TV coverage or possibly a regular show
Additional TV time and exposure for the products you sell.

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Distribution is our Sweetspot

We can distribute everywhere, far and wide, across 750 TV/Media networks and throughout the internet as distribution lines, at a high quality of broadcast on multiple devices.

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Our distribution network

Our distribution network is firstly made up of our own media network with an ever-growing network of 30+ channels across linear TV, digital and social media – with measurement not based on assumptions, but on hard data and metrics that advertisers, agencies and broadcasters can all compare to other media.

We target the best possible global distribution partnerships with networks such as Sky, FOX, DAZN, ESPN and Turner Sports to reach an even broader audience and maximize the revenue opportunities, be it revenue share on adverts or rights payments.

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Strong Foothold

Owning intellectual property and applications positions us as a significant disruptor in the sports, media and gaming sectors, including TV channels, OTT platforms and 54 network points of presence around the world.

We enjoy a strong foothold and a 20 year legacy in the media and its distribution markets, with large and growing sports, esports and entertainment catalogues.
More than 35+ million monthly viewers, Presence in over 22 million homes.

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A Network With a Difference.

Using our proprietary technology and network to power our own OTT platform, TV channels, esports leagues/tournaments and content, the group has an ever-expanding viewer franchise.

Also, our proprietary architecture combines traditional and digital media that has ingestion, transcoding, transmission, broadcasting and CDN in one.

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We Love Content

Take your brand or profile to the next level, boosting your audience, brand exposure and revenues. Our data centres West London Master Control Room Ayozat will distribute your content over digital, traditional TV, social media and even through gaming points of presence to ensure maximum exposure and revenue opportunities to your brand.

Be it both Live and/or Pre-recorded content in a multitude of different formats, we have a plethora of pickup, delivery and hand-off points. We own the ingestion, distribution, transmission and CDN networks allowing content owners and media networks to connect without expensive satellite or towers from many different locations all with low latency. We have a multitude of revenue streams, from advertising, sponsorships, product activations, paid broadcasting, Pay per View (PPV), subscriptions and Electronic Sales Through (EST).

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