London, United Kingdom Aug 20, 2019 (Issuewire.com)  – After successful interaction, in and out of festivals, the British Army and EFLGG are back with ‘Army vs Gamers Season 2’ to be held at Insomnia65 in the Birmingham NEC. The stand will feature the Army vs Air Force Overwatch match on the main stage, a laser-firing range, climbing walls and a gaming arena with high spec competition PC’s, courtesy of House of Gamers. The Army will face off against all gamers and this show promises to be bigger and more exciting than the last.

Season 1, held at Insomnia64, was a huge success with a footfall of 42652, the British Army stand saw record numbers with over 72,000 individual people viewing the live broadcast. In addition, a joint 30-40 day awareness campaign on the Army, gaming, and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) saw over 1.3 million unique viewers watching British Army and EFLGG content.

Umesh Perera, the founder of EFLGG, commented: “gaming and education are intertwined and it’s a powerful and seductive gateway into highly paid careers in coding, networking, graphics design, media, and events; EFLGG wants to empower such skills to all gamers”. Major Tim Elliott, Regional Command, further adding “the British Army is a massive supporter of STEM and offers the highest amount of apprenticeships in the UK. Gaming and esports requires discipline and the development of new skills with fast reaction times, quick thinking, using your own initiative….. off-course we value gamers”

With a dedicated channel donated from Ayozat, IP transmission and TV broadcast network, the British Army and EFLGG will have a powerful medium to broadcast its gaming and STEM content. Out of festival activities will start in October with ‘Exercise STEM North’ in Liverpool, highlighting the links between education, STEM, and gaming to 12 to 16-year olds, culminating in teaching them how to make a simple ‘Street Fighter’ game with Basic coding.  

The relationship between the UK military and EFLGG is already proving to be a success, having a positive effect on young minds contemplating their future careers.

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