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Esports is still a new phenomenon for many brands, generally with a lack of clarity around how to enter the space or measure ROI. Yet with millions more people at home and with many live sports leagues/events postponed or cancelled, this is the time for esports to shine and establish itself as a major player on the global stage.

An eSports ‘ecology’ designed to deliver your target audience. We will design and execute custom eSports tournaments that map to advertiser objectives and maximise relevant reach and engagement.
Ayozat has everything you need to get into the eSports sector, from licensing to events to
We have relationships with some of the biggest indie gaming publishers giving us the image, league, tournament, online and TV rights for some of the most popular titles in the world.
Strong relationships with gaming publishers

  • eSports Tournaments
  • Lions League

Launch your own tournament.
Ayozat has experience in setting up tournaments and leagues with the relevant technology, software and hardware to achieve this.
With its subsidiaries, EFLGG and Lions League, Ayozat has a presence in live events and gaming festivals. We are regulars at events like Insomnia and Rapture.

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