We Are Experts in Video Distribution

Start your own TV channel

We can distribute video content far and wide and at a high quality of the broadcast.

We provide an end-to-end network operation with ingestion, live transcoding, CDN, scheduling and playout capabilities coupled with powerful HD compression technology. Our own satellite capacity and uplink into Europe, USA and Asia allows Ayozat to always remain in the driving seat and control quality.

We also own and operate an ever-growing network of channels across linear TV, digital and social media.
Our primary purpose is to solve the widespread incentivisation problem for content creators, media owners and brands.

We provide a scalable and dynamic ‘all-in-one’ digital video content delivery solution and play it on a variety of platforms at a fraction of the cost of traditional broadcast delivery.

Working with leading digital demand partners and brands to manage the monetization of our content and channel inventory.

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