Playout Services


Playout is the playing of the schedule and its content (live or pre-recorded) to transmission for broadcasting.
Ayozat’s Playout solutions are one of the most advanced and flexible available today.

We have 2 methods, both deployable as a server-based solution, which can be in our data centre and operated remotely by us or as a cloud-based solution so that an instance of the Playout can be created anywhere. The Playout system is capable of outputting SD, HD, 4K and 8K.
We can handle any type of channel, pre-recorded, live or a mix of both from Entertainment channels to Sports channels to 247 News channels.

Within the Playout system, we can add channel logos, graphics and even animation to ensure that your channel stands out. We can also playout subtitles should this be required now or at a later stage.
Ayozat playout services can be used not just for 24-hour permanent live operation but also as an event-specific service or part-time service, giving you flexibility.

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