Television Services

Whether you are an existing TV channel owner or wanting to start your channel, Ayozat has knowledge, network and intellectual property to help you run a successful operation.

Working out which territory(s) you want to be in:
– Setting up all your technical requirements
– Distributing your channel and its content
– Generating a revenue from your channel

What we provide

In general, you will need to consider the following areas, all of which we provide.
Obtaining a Broadcast License for territory or jurisdiction you wish to broadcast in and maintaining compliance.
Securing an EPG/LCN position or slot for the network you wish to be on.

Providing transmission be it cable or satellite capacity.

Playout servers to play programming or live content.

Operations, like scheduling, admin, content and its delivery.

Viewer measurement to track audience for you and your advertisers.

Advertising, both delivery and sales.