Television Services

Television Services

Whether you are an existing TV channel owner or wanting to start your channel, Ayozat has knowledge, network and intellectual property to help you run a successful operation, be it:  

  • Working out which territory(s) you want to be in  

  • Setting up all your technical requirements 

  • Distributing your channel and its content 

  • Generating a revenue from your channel  

In general, you will need to consider the following areas, all of which we provide.

  • Obtaining a Broadcast License for territory or jurisdiction you wish to broadcast in and maintaining compliance.  

  • Securing an EPG/LCN position or slot for the network you wish to be on.  

  • Providing transmission be it cable or satellite capacity.  

  • Playout servers to play programming or live content.  

  • Operations, like scheduling, admin, content and its delivery.  

  • Viewer measurement to track audience for you and your advertisers. 

  • Advertising, both delivery and sales.