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Did you know that most of the activities you perform on the internet are recorded or tracked in
some way, and are then used by advertising companies to create effective marketing strategies
and increase their sales? If not, you know now!

Big advertisers use different techniques to collect your data, and use it to market their products
while targeting your habits, ideas, and thoughts. According to the Information Commissioner’s
Office (ICO), user data is not being protected the way it should be protected. They say
companies should design better ways of improving data safety and protection.

Here are the most common methods advertisers use to harvest users’ personal information.

Internet users can experience malware attacks by visiting a mainstream website. These
malware attacks are complex, making it nearly impossible to detect their source or prevent them.

Today’s online advertising industry has become very complicated. These industries can
easily deny the fact that their advertisement delivered malware to the users’ computers.
Advertisement companies use many intermediaries to transfer ads and malware. They don’t directly transfer malware from their own websites.

When users visit a mainstream website, they get exposed to several third parties that may collect their data, and use it for different purposes without users’ consent.

Mobile app developers and ad networks gather users’ personal information from in-app advertising. They can learn about your gender, location, income, marital status and political affiliation through in-app ads.

Some advertisers use the canvas fingerprinting technique to track users and determine how many times they visit a website. When you open a web page from your device, the page generates a fingerprint of your device that’s completely invisible to you. Each device produces a different fingerprint, so when you visit a site again, the advertiser can tell when and how many times you visited their site again.

Tech giants like Facebook and Google are trying different techniques to prevent cybersecurity breaches. It is worth noting that companies like us here at Ayozat are also making significant efforts to improve user safety and create unbiased alternative solutions.

We are a tech and media company providing an array of TV services. Due to the increase in demand for our services, we are planning to expand into the security, cryptocurrency and AI sectors as well.

Ayozat is currently working on a product that is expected to make the $350 billion advertising industry safer with the help of blockchain.

With the increase in interest in assets (non-fungible tokens and cryptocurrencies) that are based on blockchain technology, it is expected that usage of this beneficial technology will increase over time.

If the use of blockchain technology supports the current systems and procedures applied in different industries, there is a high chance that a new billion-dollar market may emerge from it.
Ayozat is already working on blockchain, and trying to use it in different processes to develop better user safety solutions to counteract the common methods advertisers use to harvest users’ personal information. Watch this space!

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